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2006 News Updates

September 26th – Doomed To Consume Test Screening, Status and more Festivals!

Our upcoming zombie film "Doomed To Consume" had a test screening at the "Crypticon Horror Convention" earlier this month! It was well received by the 50 or 60 patrons that came to check it out!

Due to time constraints, the movie was still minus the score… But our (currently) 76 minute zombie film received nothing but positive feedback and comments from the people who stuck around for the Q& A afterwards!

Over the course of October, we hope to get the score mixed in and have a local premiere in the Twin Cities this coming winter plus have screener copies of the movie ready for all the distributors who've been patiently waiting to see the movie for themselves!

More details on the status of "Doomed To Consume" as we get things wrapped up!

The great news just keeps coming in for our twisted little short film called "The Locksmith" which will be playing at 2 different horror festivals this October!!!

Be sure to catch it at the "Chicago Horror Film Festival" on Saturday October 8th at 8:30pm and also at "Gore Fest 2006" in Detroit, MI on Saturday October 28th!

Anyone who lives in either of these cities is encouraged to go show your support!

Also a friendly reminder that our 1st feature film "Off The Beaten Path" is currently available from "Brain Damage Films" so be sure to go place an order for your copy today!

That's all to report for now keep checking back for the latest news

July 26th – Horror Conventions, Off The Beaten Path Release, Doomed To Consume Sneak Screening and more!

It's been a busy summer for everyone here at NFTS. Not only has our short film "The Locksmith" been making the rounds at festivals with very positive feedback. We are actually setting up shop for the very 1st time THIS weekend (July 28, 29, 30th) in Rosemont, Illinois for The Flashback Weekend Horror Convention!

So those of you that may be planning to go, should stop by our table and check out a whole slew of all new merchandise, say hello and most of all, show your support to Indie Horror filmmakers like us!

Details on the convention can be found at the link above or you can go here: www.flashbackweekend.com

After anxiously waiting for an Official street date for what seems like forever. We just got word the other day from Brain Damage Films that our 1st feature film "Off The Beaten Path" is slated for an August 1st release direct to DVD!

Those of you that may be interested in getting a copy of "Off The Beaten Path" are encouraged to go to the Brain Damage Films website and place your order!
Go Here: www.braindamagefilms.com

As always, I've saved the best news for last! Our upcoming zombie film "Doomed To Consume" is slated for a special sneak screening Friday Sept 15 th at 5:15pm at the Crypticon Horror Convention in Medina, Minnesota! A local premier at theaters (to be determined) in St. Paul and Minneapolis will follow soon after!

More details on the convention can be found here: www.crypticonminneapolis.com

Keep checking back for more news as we have it..

June 3rd: Festivals, Conventions and other NFTS movie news!

Here is the latest word from Brain Damage Films about our freshman feature film, "Off The Beaten Path"!... "Quote: "OFF THE BEATEN PATH" is scheduled for release this June/July on Pendulum Pictures in the "DEMENTED DEVIANTS" 6 pack. Visit www.pendulumpictures.com to check it out."

Go to the bottom of the page and you can see the cover art for the dvd "Off The Beaten Path" will be on! As always, we will keep everyone posted as to when it officially becomes available!

Just got word that The Locksmith is also scheduled to screen in Brainerd, Minnesota at the EgoFest Film Festival on June 24th as well! Not a whole lot of information on the festivals website yet, but we will be sure to pass along more information as it becomes available!

NFTS Productions will be making an appearance at the EgoFest Film Festival so anyone that lives in the area is encouraged to head out and check out ALL the movies and say hi!

Keep an eye out for us at a couple upcoming horror conventions this summer as well!
We will be setting up shop at The Flashback Weekend in Rosemont, Illinois the weekend of July 28, 29, 30th!
And also at the Crypticon Horror Convention right here in Medina, Minnesota the weekend of September 15, 16, 17th!
We will post much more detailed information as the dates draw closer!

Our upcoming walking dead movie, Doomed To Consume is still coming along slowly but surely... We've been busy tweaking things here and their, extending other scenes that felt rushed and getting last minute establishing shots to really tie the film all together! Nothing too exciting to report but we are still plugging away!

April 6th – Zombies, Composers and The Locksmith news!

It's been a long cold winter here in Minnesota! But now that nice weather is looming around the corner we will be back at it trying to wrap up shooting on our zombie film "Doomed To Consume" with a couple pick-up days of filming! Including some much needed establishing shots that we need to get and also an alternate ending that will pack the punch this movie needs to really stand out!

Also, we'd like to welcome Jason Feder from Chicago, IL on board who will be helming composer duties on "Doomed to Consume"… Jason has composed scores for several other Indie films and numerous other horror themed projects! You can listen to some of his work here: http://www.garageband.com/artist/jfhorrorsoundtracks

We've also got some very good news about our short film "The Locksmith" as well. It has been selected for inclusion on Moviemark DVD Indie Shorts Project Vol. 1! An Indie short film compilation DVD that is going to be released early this summer 2006! You can find more about it at Moviemarks website here: http://www.moviemarkdvd.com

January 23 – Doomed To Consume Bonus Videos Added, Bloody-Disgusting Interview and More!

Be sure to check out the Doomed To Consume media section for 10 short outtakes and behind the scenes video clips for your viewing pleasure! We hope everyone enjoys them!

Meanwhile, post-production is coming along well… We've got a rough cut of the movie minus sound effects and score ready to have some extra footage added to extend it a bit and also an alternate ending that we plan on filming very soon! Things are coming along slowly but surely but there's no sense rushing a good thing!

Also be sure to check out a new interview Jason did with staff writer Elaine Lamkin over at BloodyDisgusting.com

February 2nd - Myspace madness, Toxic Shock Interview & Feature film updates!

I'd just like to say Thanks to all of our new friends over at myspace who've come to check out the NFTS Productions website!
Traffic was so heavy last month that we exceeded our bandwidth at least 3 times and ultimately had to change servers to accommodate everyone!

If you haven't had a chance to read it yet… Check out the really cool interview I did with Toxic Shock TV last month! See it here

I know it's been slow process but Brain Damage Films has been getting things rolling with our 1st feature Off The Beaten Path
We actually spent most of last weekend getting dialogue sheets and credit blocks ready for them! Let me tell you about fun… We took turns sitting in front of a TV pressing, pause, play or rewind while trying to decipher every word of dialogue and typing it into a word document! Ahhhhhhhh!

Not a whole lot to say about our zombie feature Doomed To Consume other than we are nearing the tail end of the movie and should be editing that very soon. Next step will be adding sound effects and gun flashes before doing credits and extensive color correction.
Time permitting we may be adding some video clips and/or another trailer with more storyline added to the site as well!



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