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2005 News Updates

December 13th - Doomed To Consume Happenings & More!

Hard to believe it’s been well over a month since our last update!

Response to our Doomed To Consume Trailer has been phenomenal… Nothing but positive feedback thus far! Everyone seems to be digging the gore drenched approach we took with it! Wait till you get to see the stuff we didn’t show you!

Currently, we are knee deep in post-production just chipping away with editing a few nights a week! We are trying our best to get screeners of Doomed To Consume ready for review, distributors and festivals by early March!

The way things are shaping up we should be able to pull it off!

NFTS webmiester Jon has been hard at work getting an entirely re-vamped website ready to launch and from what I’ve seen so far it’s looking great!

Along with the new site, we may add some short video clips from Doomed To Consume for those who’ve been patiently waiting to see more and also add our previous 2 short films Separation Anxiety & The Locksmith to the NFTS store!

Happy Holidays from the twisted minds here at NFTS!

November 2nd - Doomed To Consume Trailer goes Live!

Here it is... For the many zombie film fans that have been anxiously awaiting actual footage from our latest horror film Doomed To Consume. We have just uploaded a trailer that I hope everyone will be excited about!

This is the 1st trailer that we will be using to gather interest from horror film festivals and potential distributors in the coming months ahead!

Check it out HERE and be sure to let us know what you think of it!

Much more coming soon!

Oct 20th – IT’S A WRAP! Doomed to Consume filming is completed!

We shot the final scene for our zombie feature Doomed To Consume (formerly known as Infected) last night!

So now we can officially say that filming has wrapped!
What a great feeling! Let me tell ya!

Just an update as to where we are at with things...

14 of the 15 days of movie footage has been weeded through and we will be starting on a trailer VERY soon!

Shortly there after begins the long process of editing the actual movie!

Stay tuned for more updates and an entirely re-vamped website just around the corner!

Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

October 5th - New project name & update.

The movie formerly known as INFECTED is now titled DOOMED TO CONSUME

We had to make necessary changes in regards to our zombie movie’s title in order to avoid legal ramifications from a video gaming company that currently owns trademark rights to the word Infected...

The page has been updated and the new address is http://www.nftsproductions.com/dtc/

September 29th - New project name change.

We are hard at work making necessary changes in regards to our zombie movie’s title in order to avoid legal ramifications from a gaming company that currently owns trademark rights to the word infected...

Stay tuned for further details!

September 7th - The Locksmith takes on Ohio

Just got news today that The Locksmith will be playing at the "Twisted Spine Micro-Film Fest" in Ohio!

This is a 2 day event and our movie will be playing on Sunday, Sept 25th at approx. 1:05pm!

You can find many more details here: www.TwistedSpine.com

Feel free to pass this great news along to anyone who may want to know.

September 1st – DOOMED TO CONSUME nearing completion!

After 5 straight weekends of filming we are getting very close to wrapping up our latest movie DOOMED TO CONSUME!

By the looks of things we’ve got at least 4 partial days of filming left to get a few key scenes taken care of before moving on to making some cool teaser trailers and an official trailer that we will be using to gain more interest in the movie…

For now though… I hope everyone gets a chance to check out the many really cool screen shots and behind the scenes photo’s that we’ve uploaded to the DOOMED TO CONSUME site HERE!

Keep checking back for the latest updates!

July 29th – Production begins on DOOMED TO CONSUME!

This is it... Z-day!

After several months of pre-production planning. Filming will commence this weekend on our feature length zombie film, DOOMED TO CONSUME!

Check back often for screenshots and production photos that we will be posting to the site on a weekly basis for those who’ve been eagerly awaiting more!

Until then… Wish us well!

June 28th - DOOMED TO CONSUME Make-up test’s, meetings and official start date plus news on our previous feature, Off The Beaten Path!

Wow... Hard to believe it’s been almost 2 weeks since the last update but things are downright crazy here at the NFTS office!

It’s official, JULY 30th is our projected date to start principal production on our micro-budget zombie epic, DOOMED TO CONSUME!

We will be shooting every weekend through August 28th and as of now, things seem to be pretty well squared away and shaping up quite nicely!

As for what we’ve been up to with pre-production. To date we've had 2 zombie make-up test's and 2 cast & crew meetings... We've got a great group of people on board and evryone is ultra excited to get things rolling!

We should have some sneak peak pictures uploaded to the NFTS website in the next week or two for everyone to check out!


Also, here is the latest from the guys over at Brain Damage Films as to what they are up to with our feature film OFF THE BEATEN PATH that they picked up for distribution line up!
"OFF THE BEATEN path will be released to the rental market in Feb 06 and begin the sell-thru (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc..) market in August 2006. You will begin to see full page ads in Rue Morgue, Fangoria, CFQ-Cinefantasique, Femme Fatales, Draculina, SOD, Hacker’s Source, and more!"

This is great news for everyone that took part in the movie and should help stir much more interest with our current feature film now underway!

June 4th - Casting (almost) Complete for DOOMED TO CONSUME!

After an overwhelming response to our casting call for our micro-budget zombie feature. I’m happy to announce that casting for the main roles and almost all of the special zombie roles is complete!

I would like to give a huge thank you to everyone that took the time to submit and especially those whom we had a chance to meet with personally to discuss the project in more detail!

As for those who will get to kick some zombie ass this summer in DOOMED TO CONSUME, they are as follows.

Featured Cast:
Nicole Blessing as Traci Loomis
Doug Sidney as Jim Williamson
Thomas Altman as Shane Stokes
Don Prentiss as Tyler Stokes
Sonja Beck as Deana Jenkins

Featured Zombie’s:
Joe Knetter as the Gas Station Mechanic
Michael Johnson as Redneck Uncle Joe
Matthew Feeney as the Police Officer Ghoul
Anja & Ashford Kroll as the Zombie Twins

We still need to fill several other “featured zombie” roles and will have a couple more casting calls prior to filming for extra’s to play zombies so keep an eye out for that info soon.

Many more updates & production details are just around the corner!

May 18th – DOOMED TO CONSUME Cast/Crew update & The Locksmith details!

Currently we are weeding through submissions for potential cast and crew for our upcoming feature DOOMED TO CONSUME

We will be meeting with some of our top picks very soon and we hope to have the main cast and crew chosen before the end of May so we can get underway with the next steps of pre-production before filming begins...

Teaser art, cast & crew info, promo pics and more are just on the horizon!

As for our previous short film THE LOCKSMITH.

We’ve got a loaded DVD with an 18 minute & 13 minute version, outtakes and stills gallery that is ready to be submitted to a few key horror film festivals.

We will be doing this over the course of the next few months before possibly making it downloadable from the NFTS website or selling copies directly from our site.

As you can see, It’s going to be a busy few months ahead!

April 25th – Casting Call & Crew Needed for DOOMED TO CONSUME!

The big day has finally come!
We are now fully underway with pre-production on our latest feature film DOOMED TO CONSUME

You can find casting calls, character sides, crew positions and various other details at the link above!

We are also seeking several key locations to film at. Feel free to e-mail us directly for more details!

This should be our most challenging movie to date and I look forward to hearing from anyone who’s not afraid to get knee deep in dead and help make the best zombie film to come out of Minnesota ever!

April 18th... The Rudies Movie Screening & the zombie film!

WOW! I just wanted to thank everyone at Rudies for letting us show our movies and even more so, the FULL house that came out to WATCH our micro-budget movies!

The turn out was HUGE! Much larger then I had ever expected, with a few familiar faces and LOTS of new faces...

I figure at minimum 100+ people squeezed into the place! We even played our short films 2 times because some people missed the first time due to no more room!

Plus... The response to our latest short film, THE LOCKSMITH was absolutely incredible! The crowd loved it!!!

Now... More news on our zombie feature DOOMED TO CONSUME that we are shooting this summer...

Keep an eye out because... NEXT WEEK... We should have a barrage of notices going out for cast, crew, make-up FX, and location scouts to get pre-production well underway!!!!

Be sure to check it out!

March 30th - FREE Horror Movie Screening - April 16th at 8pm

Join the NFTS Productions gang at Rudies Coffee House in Saint Paul for a FREE screening of our latest short horror films THE LOCKSMITH and SEPARATION ANXIETY!!!

Also stick around to watch our various other old short films and well-reviewed Indie chiller, OFF THE BEATEN PATH, that’s been called "A little Blair Witch, a little Evil Dead and a whole lot cool!"

Date and Time:
Saturday, April 16th at 8pm…

Rudies Coffee House
1169 West Seventh Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55102
Get directions here

We’re expecting quite a few other filmmakers, actors and writers to attend; so it’s a great way to mingle with other people that are active in the movie scene here in the Twin Cities!

Once again, admission is FREE but donations are always appreciated and most importantly, be sure to buy a cup of java while you enjoy the show!

This is open invitation, so the number of guests you bring is unlimited!

March 11th - Festival News, The Locksmith Updates & DOOMED TO CONSUME!

Great news for everyone involved in our short film SEPARATION ANXIETY…

It has been selected to play at the 5th Chicago Horror Film Festival on March 31st at 6pm!

You can see a full schedule of the 4 day event that runs from March 31st thru April 3rd at the festivals website here: http://www.chicagohorrorfest.com

The perfectly creepy score from local musician Jon Stocker has now been added to the LOCKSMITH, and it gives the film a whole new dimension.

The way things are shaping up… THE LOCKSMITH will be a little over 18 minutes long when all is said and done.

Now we just need to make a special shortened version that will be used for Fangoria Blood Drive contest and we will have another movie ready for the masses!

As for our upcoming zombie feature film DOOMED TO CONSUME!

I’ve been in contact with several people we’ve worked with on projects in the past that will be coming on board once again and lending there services and also in the planning stages for are make-up tests and shooting a teaser trailer sometime in April!

More undead updates on the way!

February 25 – Feature Film, DOOMED TO CONSUME now in the works & THE LOCKSMITH Updates!

As NFTS Productions heads on into this new year. I am excited to announce that we are in the scripting process of our 2nd feature film we hope to shoot over the course of this upcoming summer!

The movie is tentively titled DOOMED TO CONSUME and will be our first entry into the ever popular “Zombie Film” genre! So die hard horror fans can expect plenty of action and lots of gore!

This time around, DOOMED TO CONSUME will be a joint writing effort between our latest NFTS contributor Robbie Ribbspreader who also wrote THE LOCKSMITH and myself, Jason Stephenson.

As the script gets close to being finalized we will start seeking out location scouts, make-up FX artist’s, cast and crew to help us on what I hope will be our biggest production yet!

Keep checking back for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

As for our latest short film THE LOCKSMITH, it is pretty much ready.

We are just waiting on the score from local musician Jon Stocker (who also did Off The Beaten Path) to be finished up.

At that point we can move on to the next step of making the film downloadable from our website, entering it into several established horror film festivals and also Fangoria Magazines BloodDrive 2 short film contest for consideration!

Much more news in the coming weeks ahead!

January 11th - More Locksmith teasers.

3 more teasers have been added for our upcoming short film "The Locksmith"

Make sure to check them out HERE

January 3rd - The Locksmith Teaser & Plans for 2005!

To ring in the New Year we’ve just uploaded the 1st in a series of teaser trailers for our upcoming short film THE LOCKSMITH. Hope everyone enjoys it!

You can watch it here: TEASER #1

Keep checking back for possible others as we finish them up.

We are hoping to have THE LOCKSMITH completed and ready for viewing by the end of the January…

Plans for 2005 include a special one-night screening of ALL of NFTS Productions short films including Separation Anxiety, The Locksmith and our feature film Off The Beaten Path!

The date and location is yet to be determined but should be a welcomed way to help forget about winter for at least a couple hours!

Also in the scripting process is our 2nd feature film filled with Zombies that I am hoping to start production on this June!

I can’t give away much yet but it should be our most challenging shoot to date!

I plan to have the 1st draft of the script ready this February. At which time we will start searching for locations then cast & crew shortly there after…

It should prove to be a busy year here at NFTS so more to come as they happen!


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