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2004 news updates

December 15th – It’s A Wrap! THE LOCKSMITH

Another one in the can!

Filming on THE LOCKSMITH finished up last Saturday on into the wee hours of Sunday morning! It was one of the most fun shoots we’ve had and everyone involved seemed to feel the same!

I’d like to give a HUGE THANKS to everyone who helped us out!

A select few pictures from the last day of filming can be seen HERE
We even mingled in a few juicy (bloody) ones that should really spike people’s curiosity!

On another note media wise!
NFTS supporter Michael Gingold of Fangoria magazine managed to squeeze in a plug on their news page about THE LOCKSMITH for Dec. 14th.
You can read the article HERE

Happy Holidays to all!

December 7th – THE LOCKSMITH Production Photo’s!

We are 3 days into filming of our latest horror short called THE LOCKSMITH we hope to get the final scenes shot this upcoming weekend then move on to the editing phase before releasing it to festivals and the internet!

For those who’ve been waiting to see more, we’ve uploaded a couple pages of behind the scenes photo’s that were taken over the weekend. We are saving the real juicy ones for last so that we don’t give away too much before you get a chance to watch the final movie!

Hope these are good enough to tide you over until we wrap things up!


I would also like to say thanks to the entire cast & crew for there die hard efforts in helping make THE LOCKSMITH happen! One more night of filming and your all free to go! Blah, ha, ha, ha!!!

Nov. 24 – Pictures from The Locksmith Meeting!

The get together for the cast and crew of The Locksmith went very well last Sunday.

We had a chance to discuss everything from the Make-up and FX to characters and even did a group read-thru! Something we rarely get a chance to do on such tight schedules…

Shooting will commence Next week over December 3-5!

So to tide everyone over, we have uploaded some pictures from The Locksmith get together along with some cool promo shot’s of each of the 3 main cast members!

More to come soon!

Nov. 10th – Separation Anxiety Re-Edit ready for viewing & more…

OK… So I have to admit I was never really happy with the version of Separation Anxiety that we posted to the site back in August.

After pondering the idea of a re-edit, geared more towards how we originally planned it to be, NFTS cohort Jon Warner has gotten around to doing a kick ass re-edit that works much better than the original.

I hope those of you who saw the original will get a chance to take another look at it, and anyone who has yet to see it feel free to check it out!


As for our latest short film The Locksmith, which is now in pre-production.

Things are moving along fairly well. We are having our first cast & crew get together on November 21st and shooting will be done over the weekend of December 3,4 & 5…

It will be a fast paced shoot and I hope to have a finished version ready by New Years Eve!

Keep checking back for production updates!

October 28th – The Locksmith cast has been chosen!

After meeting with a wonderful group of local actors/actresses we have finally decided on the cast for The Locksmith!

Here they are and the respective characters they will be playing…

Michael Johnson of Minneapolis, MN as Smith
Suzette Babb of Bloomington, MN as Faith
Chad Hallonquist of Minneapolis, MN as the Handsome Man

We look forward to working with each of them on our latest venture into the world of horror entertainment!

We will be having a cast and crew get together very soon and shooting will begin late November or early December dependent of course on everyone’s schedule!

Keep an eye out for a detailed synopsis, production photo’s and more in the coming weeks ahead!

Have a Happy and safe Halloween!

October 12th – The Locksmith Hopefuls have been chosen!

After a couple weeks of sifting through numerous headshots and resumes… We have narrowed it down to 11 hopeful actors/actresses that we feel may work best for the 3 roles required in The Locksmith.

Two evenings have been set aside this week to personally meet with each of them and get an idea who will be chosen as the next group of actors for NFTS Productions…

By early next week we hope to have casting complete and then move on to the next phase of pre-production for The Locksmith!

At this time, I would also like to thank those who submitted there info for The Locksmith but did not get a chance to be a part of this particular project. We have more shorts and another feature just on the horizon so keep an eye out!

More news in the coming weeks ahead!

Sept 23 – Now casting for THE LOCKSMITH!

We are now casting 2 Male and 1 Female for our latest short horror / exploitation outing to be called The Locksmith!

The Locksmith will be shot digitally over 3 days in November and should end up being between 14-18 minutes long when finished.

As with all our movies, this is a non-paying production done entirely on a volunteer basis for copy, credit and experience.

Upon completion, The Locksmith will be downloadable from the NFTS Productions website and also entered into select horror film festivals around the country!

Interested parties can find more details, check out the Synopsis, Sides and Character requirements HERE.

E-mail headshots and acting resumes to: casting@nftsproductions.com

Good Luck!

September 15th – Brain Damage Films to Distribute "Off The Beaten Path"!

Just received the signed “Agreement” papers from Darrin Ramage, President of the highly regarded horror film distributor BRAIN DAMAGE FILMS!

The way things are shaping up, OFF THE BEATEN PATH will go direct to video & DVD both Internationally and Domestically!

Currently we are in the process of getting high quality masters of OFF THE BEATEN PATH along with the extra’s, artwork, pictures and more ready for BRAIN DAMAGE FILMS to work their magic…

No release date has been set for OFF THE BEATEN PATH but we will be sure to keep everyone posted as things gets finalized!

Other news is that the cable access show that did interviews at the Premiere of Off The Beaten Path at the Plaza will be airing the footage on 7 channels this year starting next Friday, channel 6 MCN Network at 1am!
They will also be playing it on some other channels but they are not sure when and where yet. Here is a link to the programming schedule: http://www.mcn6.org/FRIDAY.HTM

August 17th – Separation Anxiety NOW ONLINE & Off The Beaten Path Distribution details!

Here it is! You want girls? You want blood? Just uploaded to the site for your viewing pleasure is our latest short film SEPARATION ANXIETY!


We will be entering SEPARATION ANXIETY into several select horror film festivals and hopefully get it included on some short film compilations too!

Hope everyone enjoys it!

Some other great news for our fright feature, OFF THE BEATEN PATH…

The way things are shaping up, BRAIN DAMAGE FILMS will be picking up the movie and re-releasing it under their distribution company!

An official announcement is forthcoming as I finish up the paperwork and get things rolling!
For now go to their website and see some of their current horror film titles…

It’s getting crazy at the NFTS office, keep checking back!

July 27th– Separation Anxiety and website update!

To coincide with our new project we re-designed the webpage, hope you enjoy it!

Shooting went smooth on July 18th at all 3 locations used in Separation Anxiety!

It was a fun day working with new people, sunny sky’s and no equipment trouble what so ever!

We would like to extend a special thanks to Kevin, Becka and Colleen at Rudies Coffee House for accommodating us for 3 hours that day while we shot a couple of key scenes!

We have a bunch of really cool production stills that are now uploaded (current projects).

I am estimating the official running time of Separation Anxiety will be between 4-6 minutes when it is all said and done in early August!

Keep checking back often because a complete re-vamp of the NFTS website is coming along with Separation Anxiety the movie!

July 15th – Separation Anxiety Details & Grumpys Reminder!

Casting has been completed on our latest horror short Separation Anxiety and we even had our 1st pre-production meeting last Sunday with the 2 lucky “Scream Queens” who will be helming the character roles…

Emily Fradenburgh of New Prague, MN and Torey Reynolds of Maplewood, MN

Emily has a strong background in theatre and several small movie roles under her belt and Torey is a newbie trying her hand for the first time at acting... In a horror film none the less!

The meeting went well and both young ladies seem very excited to join NFTS Productions on our latest venture into horror bliss… And get covered in blood too!

This is a fun 1 day project with principal shooting beginning this Sunday July 18th in and around the Twin Cities!

Keep an eye out for Separation Anxiety production photos and the actual movie shortly there after!

REMINDER: Off The Beaten Path Screening!!!

This Saturday July 17th at 9pm…

GRUMPYS BAR, 1111 Washington Ave South in Minneapolis (612) 340-9738

So come ‘on out, say hello and watch our little no-budget fright feature for FREE!

Hope to see you there!!!

July 6th – Grumpys to host latest Screening and Casting Details!

Grumpy’s Bar at 1111 Washington Ave. South in Minneapolis, MN will be hosting a FREE screening of OFF THE BEATEN PATH on Saturday July 17th at 9pm in there City Club room…

Call Grumpy’s at 612-340-9738 for directions.

Hope to see you there!

I would also like to thank the 30+ young ladies who submitted their headshot and bio’s for our upcoming short film SEPARATION ANXIETY!

Let me tell you… It was tough narrowing it down to the scant few we felt would fit the parts best...

We are meeting with the hopeful candidates tonight and should have a pretty good idea who the 2 lucky “Scream Queens” are going to be. Casting should be completed by the end of the week!

More details, pics and a synopsis will be posted when shooting begins on July 18th!!!! Keep an eye out, SEPARATION ANXIETY is going to be a blast!

June 18th – Casting Call, OTBP screening Reminder, and a forgotten short film!

NOW CASTING 2 female actresses for an erotic and eerie short horror film titled Separation Anxiety that we will be shooting digitally on Sunday July 18th…

Yes you heard it right… This will be a stray from the usual slash and dash stuff that we have been doing and should be a lot of bloody fun! Separation Anxiety will be a quick and creepy 1 day project and we need 2 outgoing ladies to come on board and try their hand at being scream queens!

Whether you’ve acted in a bunch of movies or just want to give it a shot for your 1st time, this may well be geared for you…

The scheduled day to shoot is coming up fast so don’t hesitate to send a headshot and introduce yourself! You can find out more details and see all the fine print HERE…

Also a reminder: Join us at Spanky’s Bar in St. Paul on June 27th at 7:30pm for a FREE screening of our feature film Off The Beaten Path…

So if you missed our Premiere at the Plaza or an actor who’s interested in working with us in the future swing buy and take a look. It’ll be a good time I’m sure of it!

Also, for those who’ve wanted to see more of our long lost short films. We have a treat for you! The latest addition to our Multi-Media page you will find YOU’RE NEXT Pt. 2 This was an actual screen test for Carrie Sizemore, who played Dina Duncan in our feature Off The Beaten Path and also used a location from the movie too! Hope everyone enjoys it… It’s all in fun!

With that I hope to hear from many hopeful scream queens and I’ll be seeing you at Spanky’s on the 27th…

June 8th – OFF THE BEATEN PATH Premiere Details!

It’s not too often, if ever, that a little No-Budget horror film gets made here in the Twin Cities. So I was pleasantly surprised that over the 2 day showing of OFF THE BEATEN PATH we had between 140-160 people come out to the Plaza and see the movie! A huge thanks goes out to Nathan, owner of The Plaza and the staff, for accommodating everyone and doing just a stand up job of having a smooth as silk movie Premiere that was fun for everyone who decided to JOIN US!

Memorable moments include a staged mock machete murder before the Midnight screening that involved yours truly getting whacked by a masked madman planted in the crowd, then ultimately dragged out the Theatres exit door!!! The crowd got a kick out of it and it pretty much set the mood for the rest of the evening… We should have some video up in the coming week or two!

Kristan and Eli from Full Metal TV, A Minneapolis cable show came out for the Premiere and did interviews with myself, NFTS partner Jon Warner, several cast members and also managed to get some crowd reactions to mingle into their Headbangers Ball style show that caters to the Death Metal music scene. Kristan assures that the footage will be aired some time in late July early August! We can’t wait to see it!!!

Another pleasant surprise we got to meet a couple of other Minnesota horror enthusiast’s, Kevin Smith head honcho of Minnesota’s long time movie group Nightmare Productions and Joe Knetter author of Bodily Fluids and the man behind SplatBooks.com Both of whom had good things to say about the Premiere and wished us well in our future endeavors!

Also of note, Minnesota’s IndieClub.com group leader Will Vincent managed to pop in for the Midnight show and introduce himself, even some members of the local Ford Mustang club, TC Stangs, came out for the show!!! In case you didn’t know, I’m into muscle cars too, ha, ha…

Click here to see pics and video from the Premiere!

June 1st – Premiere Reminder, More Screening dates and other News!

Just a quick reminder to come on out to The Plaza Maplewood Theatre for the Twin Cities Premiere of our 1st feature film Off The Beaten Path on Saturday June 5th at Midnight and a second show Monday June 7th at 7pm!!!

I would also like to announce that Off The Beaten Path will be making its Canadian Premiere at The Wreck-Beach Film Festival in Ontario, Canada on Friday June 18th!
Go to the festivals website at:
for more details and directions.

Unfortunately NFTS Productions cannot attend the Canadian fest but we would like to extend our thanks to the organizers behind it for giving us the opportunity to have our movie screened there!!!

Once things slow down a bit, we will begin shooting several short films over the course of the summer / fall… Details on cast and crew opportunities will be coming very soon! So keep checking back for more details…

See you at Premiere, it’s going to be a blast!

May 14th - OTBP Twin Cities Premiere date set

Not For The Squeamish Productions and Plaza Maplewood Theatre
Present The Local Twin Cities Independent Horror Film PREMIERE Of OFF THE BEATEN PATH

Saturday June 5th at Midnight and a second chance showing on June 7th at 7pm at the
1847 East Larpenteur Ave.
Maplewood, MN 55109
(651) 770-7969
Click here for more information

May 3rd – “Street Team” & Venues wanted!

Due to the overwhelming response we’ve had for our 1 st feature horror film, OFF THE BEATEN PATH… Not For The Squeamish Productions is looking for motivated volunteers as part of a “Street Team” to help promote and set up screenings of the local Twin Cities Independent film that’s been called “A little bit Blair Witch Project, A little bit Evil Dead and a whole lot cool!

Interested parties can E-mail jason@nftsproductions.com for many more details or CLICK HERE

Also any anyone who owns or runs a venue that might be interested in sponsoring a screening of OFF THE BEATEN PATH can feel free to contact Jason personally at 651-271-0191 to set things up… Just remember, we will show the movie just about anywhere big or small. You give us the time and place we’ll take care of the rest!

April 27th – The Stasiu’s Bar Screening…

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who came out to Stasiu’s Bar on Sunday for the sneak screening of OFF THE BEATEN PATH and especially Jerry for giving us the opportunity to take over the bar for the evening! It was a pretty good turn out considering we had less than a weeks notice and nice to see some old friends and the guy’s from City Council Productions come out! Everyone seemed to have a great time! I know I did and look forward to the next showing very soon!

April 19, 2004 -- Local sneak peek movie showing

Thanks to Mr. Tommy Thompson, Off The Beaten Path will be having a sneak peek showing in Minneapolis at Stasiu's Bar at 8pm, April 25th... More details are on the attached flyer!

As far as I can tell it will be FREE and anyone, friends, family, etc are more than welcome to come out and have a look!

For directions click here.

April 7, 2004 – Chicago Horror Fest and DVD Reviews!!!

We arrived in downtown Chicago approx 7pm Thursday April 1st, to full blown traffic and made it just in time for the premier screening of OFF THE BEATEN PATH! A fair amount of people attended the festival for a Thursday showing and the movie had a very respectable response! Had a great time meeting The Chicago Horror Film Festivals founder, Jason Davis, the mysterious mistress Xena, hostess of the event and many other movie makers and Indie horror fans! A special thanks goes out to everyone for putting on such a fun festival that I am glad we were able attend! See Pictures Here

Just in time for our return, OFF THE BEATEN PATH has received a couple of in-depth reviews that we are pleasantly surprised with. 1st up is Eamon Hardimon’s rave review at his website REGULAR REVIEWS and next is from Heidi Martinuzzi’s at her website THE HORROR POST. Feel free to check them out among other things on these great Indie sites!

Should have a bunch more reviews coming up in the next few weeks so keep an eye out along with other news yet to come!


After months of hard work putting together OFF THE BEATEN PATH, the DVD is finally ready for all those people who have anxiously been waiting! The 1 st batch of review copies went out this past weekend and should be in the hands of prospective media very soon and now you, the Indie Horror fan can pick up a copy of your own!!!

For everyone’s convenience, we have set up an NFTS Productions Store on the website that you can order directly through PayPal to purchase the DVD or any of our other merchandise that is currently available.

I would also like to mention once again that Off The Beaten Path will be playing at 3 Penny Cinema during The Chicago Horror Film Festival TOMORROW Thursday April 1 st around 9pm. I hope some of you get a chance to come out and see it on the big screen! Looks like a few cast and crew will also be heading out for the event!

More details about the fest at: www.chicagohorrorfest.com

Now that the movie has been released it’s only the beginning… We’ve got many more festivals on the horizon and a local Twin Cities premier still in the works along with a future filled with with many more projects yet to be realized!!!

March 4th - Latest news for OFF THE BEATEN PATH

Great news, just found out that our movie has been excepted to the Chicago Fest April 1-3...
Looks like OFF THE BEATEN PATH will be 1 of 2 features playing during the 3 day event. You can see all the details at: www.chicagohorrorfest.com
Next in line for festivals are SCREAM FEST LA and The NY Horror Film Fest among numerous others!

This may also be a good time to announce our drop dead release date... March 19th is the day...
We just have a couple DVD menu's to finish and away we go!!!
We will have an official announcement to all the message boards who have been letting us whore our movie!
We will also have various merchandise such as T-Shirts, Stickers, Buttons and more available at this time on an order page now in progress.

Anyone who has not contacted us yet about recieveing a copy of the DVD for review should get ahold of us ASAP.

With that I am anxious to hear from everyone!

January 13th – LOT 'S OF GOOD NEWS!

We are hard at work putting the finishing touches to OFF THE BEATEN PATH… The movie is complete from opening to credits. Just need to add some of the score, color correcting and a couple of voiceover's!!! If all is well, we should have a viewable version ready when the calendar hit's February.

Not only that but we have a poster, media kit and flyers all ready to be printed up…

Shortly their after we will be setting a date for a local premiere in Minneapolis and possibly another in St. Paul … If the turn out is good… We could have several other showings before sending the film off to Horror Film Festivals and releasing a jam packed DVD!!!

Other news includes, SV BELL http://www.svbell.com/svbellmenupage_promotion.php has released his DVD for Cold Blonded Murders and Irish Whiskey that includes the NFTS Productions Trailer for OFF THE BEATEN PATH in the bonus features section… A special thanks goes out to him!
Among numerous others, NFTS Productions will be providing Danny Pelletier of ASTRAL PICTURES http://www.astralpictures.com/filmfestmar04.html several of our early short films and the Trailer for OFF THE BEATEN PATH for his one night Short Film festival at Hartwick College in NY come March/April 2004… A new up and coming website called VISIONENGINE.com http://www.visionengine.com/board/view.php?s=&pg=trailers has also added our Trailer for OFF THE BEATEN PATH to their trailers page...

An extra special thanks goes out to Editor, Michael Gingold at Fangoria Magazine for mentioning the release of our Trailer for OFF THE BEATEN PATH on their news page for December 24th... You can check it out at: http://www.fangoria.com/news_article.php?id=1792
A special thanks goes out to everyone who has been supporting NFTS!!! All of this makes the No-Budget world of film making all the more fun, Jason


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