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2003 news updates

December 22nd - OFFICIAL TRAILER UP & NFTS Happenings!!!

The OFFICIAL TRAILER for OFF THE BEATEN PATH has been finished and uploaded to an all new page of the NFTS website just in time for the holidays!!! I hope everyone enjoys it...

NFTS Productions will be using this TRAILER to attract potential distributors and horror film festivals. I think it pretty much gives a good taste of what the finished movie will have to offer...

We were hoping to have OFF THE BEATEN PATH ready for an early January release but we've decided that it's best not to rush things and give ourselves a little extra time getting a top notch press kit ready that we can send along with screener copies to various review sites, magazines and other potential press oriented people. So now the tentative date will be Early February before the definitive finished product will be available.

Other NFTS happenings include the "Official Trailer" for OFF THE BEATEN PATH being included on an all new DVD that is being released by SV Bell (www.svbell.com) that spotlights several short films with bit parts done by Michael Gingold, Editor of Fangoria magazine and another with Suzi Lorraine.

Not only this but Tony Urban of CRAZY RALPH FILMS (www.crazyralph.com) is putting together a DVD showcasing a whole slew of horror short films!!! NFTS Productions will be helping him out by providing several of our early short's, YOU'RE NEXT and the never seen, YOU'RE NEXT Part 2 along with (space providing) the trailer for OFF THE BEATEN PATH. This project is in the beginning stages of being put together but I will keep everyone posted on any progress that is made.

As you can tell, things are very busy at the NFTS home office but this is a good thing as it will only help expose many talented folks located right here in The Twin Cities...

Happy Holidays and stay safe, Jason

December 5th - More Teasers, Post-Production And Composers!!!

The latest news we have from NFTS is that Jon has uploaded a whole bunch of 20 second TEASERS to tide the growing number of people who want to see more footage from OFF THE BEATEN PATH over...

These should keep people happy until we get the "Official Trailer" ready in the next week or so...

Post-Production is coming along surprisingly well and according to schedule. At the time of this update we have roughly 60 minutes of footage fully edited and nearly ready to be rendered and watched for possible changes!!!

I am estimating the final running time to be approx. 70-72 minutes long. This should be plenty of time for just about any Film Festival or potential Distributor to consider OFF THE BEATEN PATH feature length.

Also in the works is deciding on a local composer to do the musical score for the movie. I have been in contact with several people who seem to be very interested in helping out. More details on this end of the project later

November 13th - Post-Production Is Underway & A new Website!!!

It's been several weeks since we wrapped shooting of OFF THE BEATEN PATH... Now the real fun begins. Sifting through the many hours of footage and finding the best of the best to use.

All the footage has been transferred digitally to my PC and it's just a matter of time till I can get a killer TRAILER for the movie finished and ready to shop around to Film Festivals and potential Distributors. Those who have been fortunate enough to see some of the footage have had nothing but positive things to say about it and assure me that OFF THE BEATEN PATH will be fun little romp in the woods to say the least!!!

Also in the works is a new and improved website just day's if not hours away from being uploaded. On it you will find what everyone has been waiting for, SNEAK PEAKS of the actual movie. It was hard to decide what to show people and what not to show, so hopefully what we added to the site will wet everyone's taste buds just a little bit more!!! Feedback is greatly appreciated as it will only help to make the site that much better...

Keep spreading the word and watch the site for many more updates just waiting in the wings...

October 28th - IT'S A WRAP!!!

Finally after 4, 20+ hour weekends OFF THE BEATEN PATH has seen it's final shot. No later than 1am this past Sunday...
Mostly I would just like to extend my thanks and appreciation to the talented group of people who tagged along for 8 long days of shooting in weather that at times dipped down to 29 degrees... Burrrrrrrr!!!
It was a rocky road but well worth the effort!!!

Over the next several weeks I will be going through the many hours of footage that is going to become OFF THE BEATEN PATH... I am projecting our 1st full blown trailer with actual footage from the movie to come about in late November... Sooner if time permits and a full blown DVD in early 2004!!!

Keep watching this website for some actual snapshot's from the movie that I am sure will please even the most demanding indie horror film fan!!!

Until then... Spread the word!!!

October 22nd - All I can say is WOW!!!

Let me tell you... After this past weekend I have seen the light as to what a bunch of true professionals I am dealing with on OFF THE BEATEN PATH... Even after a 13 hour's Saturday... Cast and Crew stuck by my side Sunday evening no later than 1:30 am... Even though many of us (including myself) had our day jobs to go to that morning!!! Thank you all very much!!!

By the looks of things, we are still right on schedule and should be able to wrap shooting this upcoming weekend. Not much else to say except things are getting down to the wire and I'm sure everyone involved is getting as excited as I am am to finish this project...

Of course check out many more great PRODUCTION STILLS from Weekend 3 and another plug from MICROCINEMASCENE who did a little update for us on their news page...

October 13th - Oh the Joy's of movie making...

Between rain, equipment trouble and lighting issues, I think it was a very productive weekend of filming. Thanks to a courageous crew member, we managed to secure a last minute location, so Saturday wouldn't become a complete washout due to rain.

Also Saturday we got a bunch of promo shots and Sunday we managed to shoot a bunch of exciting scenes at the main backwoods location along with some that included one of our actresses in full HORROR MOVIE make-up... Awesome stuff!!!

On a low side, our lead actor Todd Hanson cut his hand on a window that broke during an intense & tricky scene in one of the cabins... By the looks of it, Todd will be okay!!! Thanks for taking one for the team.

Stressful yes, but fun none the less!!! I look forward to another productive couple days on the upcoming weekend.

Keep an eye out for more PRODUCTION PHOTO'S from our second weekend of thrills and chills!!!

October 6th - LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

FINALLY!!! After several months of hardcore planning, the Cast & Crew of OFF THE BEATEN PATH began principal shooting this past weekend at the main location with 2 very long days of filming!!!

Everyone involved was pumped and ready to go make things happen. All in all it was a very productive weekend of filming, filled with MANY exciting performances and lot's of die hard help behind the scenes from a very talented CAST and CREW!!!

We will pick-up with shooting this upcoming week and we have many PRODUCTION STILLS to wet your taste buds. Keep an eye out as I think it is only going to help peak even more interest with this venture into No-Budget horror film making!!!

September 23rd - More NFTS sightings and shooting dates

Micro Cinema Scene, a really cool website catering to no-budget indie people like ourselves, have given us a plug on their web site!!! Check it out at: http://www.microcinemascene.com

The shooting schedule has been set, and we are underway in October ... Stay tuned...

The "SNUFFED" movies have been fixed, they now should play without problem.

September 19th - The 1st get together and more!!!

On September 13th we had our 1st OFF THE BEATEN PATH production meeting. More like a get to meet each other sort of thing with beer, pop and munchies!!! It was a good turnout with 8 people involved coming to meet and greet!!! Several people couldn’t make due to other commitments but all in all it was a very productive meeting and everyone seemed to have a good time...

Great news on the promotional side of things... Michael Gingold the Editor of FANGORIA magazine did a little news update on his website about OFF THE BEATEN PATH that should help get the word out about this little no-budget horror film. You can see it at: http://www.fangoria.com/news_article.php?id=1403

As the day grows closer to filming... Many more updates are yet to come... Keep checking back for details!!!

September 6th - Pre-Production Get together’s And a NEW trailer...

Looks like OFF THE BEATEN PATH’s first official get together will be on Saturday September 13th at 7pm at my home. Several members of the production will not be able to make it but by the looks of it they are planning outside get togethers with the other actors to practice lines and get into their designated roles. This is great news for me the Director Jason because the better prepared the actors are the smoother things should hopefully go.

Other tentative get together dates are September 20th and 27th... We will see how this will work when the days grow closer...

I should have official days for shooting in October ready for the get together... It is going to be a quick, down and dirty shoot with no time to waste. But fun for everyone involved none the less

Very soon their will be a brand new trailer for OFF THE BEATEN PATH with actual video from the location. No actors were involved in it, but initial response from close friends say that it definitely set’s a tone for what I am ultimately trying to achieve with the movie. Keep watching the website for it to be ready for uploading...

August 21st - Things are really rolling now!!!

The movie is now completely cast... Playing double role as Cast & Crew is a fine gentleman named Glenn Wagy who will be playing the Local Old Man character and also handling some of the behind the scenes technical stuff.

I have 2 more people I am waiting on confirmations from as to whether they will take on the tasks behind the scenes they have experience in, then things will really get moving with read through's and meeting in the short 5 weeks before shooting begins.

The new website is coming along great and should be up and running by the end of the weekend if not sooner. We will just have to see how things go Friday night. I am hoping for the best. A side note, the website will have several short films and a really cool teaser trailer for OFF THE BEATEN PATH so keep watching. Talk to you soon!!!

August 14th - About the crew & New website...

I have been meeting with people who seem genuinely interested in helping out behind the scenes. I am just waiting to get confirmations from 2 people and still need to meet with 3 others. As I've said before I want to keep cast and crew to a minimum. The less people I've got to wrangle together the smoother I hope things will go. I would still like to take on a DP with some experience so I don't have to do all the camera work myself and can dedicate more time to the vision I have for this scary little romp in the woods. A couple people seem like they want to take on the project but our schedules will have to meet. I am hoping for the best.

As for the new website... A good friend of mine Jon Warner of FAVOR-RATE Productions at www.favor-rate.com is hard at work designing the much better laid out and flashier website with everything from flash graphics, multi-media, pictures and more. It has been registered as www.nftsproductions.com and should have some of the content viewable in the next couple days or so... I am hoping this will give everyone involved a place to send people who are interested in learning more about OFF THE BEATEN PATH and the people behind it... KEEP WATCHING...


Finally after long thought I have nearly finished casting OFF THE BEATEN PATH. All but one very small character has been filled, The Old Local Man... Hopefully I can find someone soon. I want to keep things rolling. I suppose you all are anxiously awaiting to here who the lucky people are that will fill the roles in this fun little NO-BUDGET horror film. Here it goes...

Chuck Stevens - Todd Hanson, Cottage Grove, MN
Dina Duncan - Carrie Sizemore, Lindstrom, MN
Brenda Jacobs - Jessie Welsch, Mapelwood, MN
Randy Bodine - Tommy Thomson, Minneapolis, MN
Woman In The Woods - Julie Miller, Apple Valley, MN

Pictures of everyone and a much more flashy website are just on the horizon. Patients everyone... It will come!!!
Congratulations to all... I think this is going to be a fun project for everyone!!!
Now to finish up with the crew... Many more updates to come... JASON

August 1st - Holy F'en crap!!!

I've been bombarded with e-mails!!! I was hopeing to keep this production on a very personal level but I officially can't keep up... All the female roles look to be cast... As for the male roles I have a ton of hopeful candidates that I will be looking through headshot's and info on next week. As it looks, I will contact male actors that seem as though they will fit the parts and decide from their. I know this is kind of a strange way to do things but I've alway's been one to stray from the norm. You'll see when I start shooting this movie. I anticipate good if not great things from OFF THE BEATEN PATH, on a budget that could barely buy your great grandma a used car with a zillion miles on it!!! I will try to respond to as many e-mails as I can but if I don't reply it wont lesson your chance a bit... GOOD LUCK... To ALL!!! JASON

July 31st - WOW!!! Lot's of interest.

I am happy to say that I've had lot's of interest in my little no-budget horror feature from all types of people. I've decided to skip formal auditions. Due to lack of time it's just easier to meet with interested people as needed and discuss the project that way. Sorry for any inconvenience to people from out of state. It's just easier to keep this a local production. As of this update I seem to have all the WOMAN roles cast. I still need to speak to one more young lady but things look promising. As for the MEN roles... I am in the process of meeting with several hopeful candidates. And I hope that things fair well. I also have several people interested in behind the scenes help who I am also in the process of meeting with to discuss things further. It is just unbelievable how much e-mail I am getting. I could probably sit by the computer 24/7!!! The script is pretty much done. Although I think it will always be a work in progress with the more feedback I get from it. I will announce who the women roles are to be filled by next week sometime for those that are curious. More to come later. JASON

July 24th - Note on characters & Casting calls...

Now knee deep in my 2nd draft. The characters could now be played by different age people. Especially Brenda Jacobs... It just wasn't working at the age I initially had her, and now she also has alot more to say pertaining to the story behind everything. See the character descriptions for more details. On Monday July 28th I will post an update for the actual date for the casting call... It will be just one day, so hopefully anyone interested can make it!!! See Yah...

July 22nd - The Script...

Well my script is now going through it's second and hopefully final draft. As I've done with others before. My scripts are only a means of having a story to follow. I write a general idea of how I would like a scene to go with minor dialogue but let my actors/actresses build the story, actions, and characters how they see fit. I am hoping to have this second draft done by July 31st and then I will set-up audition times. A little hint for the auditions, it will be more of an improv situation. Quick and easy. I'm trying to be creative. So be prepared!!! More to come later...

July 11th - Who is NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH Productions?

That's a good question... For the most part it is a one man show led by yours truly Jason Stephenson. I'm just your average horror movie fan aspiring to be a horror movie filmaker!!! And if I can have fun while I'm at it all the better. I'm married with 2 children, 31 years old and work a day job Mon thru Fri as a graphic artist. I've got several short films under my belt, nothing really ground breaking but everyone has to start somewhere. I usually round up a bunch of my closest friends who are willing to lend a hand and go shoot one of my crazy stories. Now, with OFF THE BEATEN PATH, I want to take things one step further and make a horror feature loaded with local talent willing to give it a shot. So now that I've spilled my guts (not literally) I am anxious to here from other ambitious people who want to be a part of this exciting venture into horror movie making. It's going to be fun, you can count on that!!


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