"Off the Beaten Path is one of those movies that just surprises the hell out of you. Director Jason Stephenson and his troupe present a movie that's a little bit Blair Witch Project, a little bit Evil Dead, and a whole lot cool."
"Stephenson manages to take a whole lot of horror plots and kind of toss them all together into one movie. Due to inventive shots, gorgeous and creepy locales, and acting that is shockingly good for low-budget fare, Off the Beaten Path succeeds as one of those movies you just enjoy watching."
- Eamon Hardimon at REGULAR REVIEWS.com

"An intriguing mix of camera work is used to great success in "Off the Beaten Path". Using the guerilla filmmaking style that made "Blair Witch Project" such a success, and the strange monsters-eye-view of the "Evil Dead" films, "Off the Beaten Path" provides an interesting framework of images for the viewer to appreciate. "
- Heidi Martuzzi at THE HORROR POST.com

"If you liked "The Blair Witch Project" then you should really like "Off The Beaten Path". "Off The Beaten Path" is one of the better low-budget, independent, movies I've seen this year. For a "mockumentary" type of movie it was well written, shot nicely, and put together nicely. So be sure and pick up your copy of this when it comes out."
- Josh Agnew at EVILKLOWN.com

This is no epic. It never tries to be. It's very derivative, but it wears that proudly on its sleeve. There were times I found myself rolling my eyes a bit in the beginning but let me tell you, the last 20 minutes is a helluva ride. Dark, atmospheric & most of all - Spooky Fun. It's B Movie Bliss folks!
The cast & crew of this film have energy to spare. A lot of love went into this film & it shows on screen. I cannot wait to see what they would be able to do with a larger budget.
- Steve Barton (aka: Uncle Creepy) at FANGORIA.com

Off The Beaten Path is a pleasant surprise. After seeing the trailer for it online, I could tell it had some Evil Dead, and no matter what, a little Dead is always welcomed.
But to tell the truth, Path is more Blair Witch, with a toss of Evil Dead. And surprisingly, when things heat up, we get some nice chills and thrills, something that's always welcomed here in the fright genre, especially in no budget filmmaking.